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The object of this game is to click on the first link in an article and repeat the process. About 93% of all articles seem to lead eventually to the article Philosophy. The rest get stuck in two-article loops. Now, isn't that fascinating?

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A few notes about strategy seem appropriate here.

For starters, any article about a person will get to Philosophy in 10 or 11 links, because the first link in nearly everyone's biography is their birth date, and the first link in any article about a day will be Leap year, or Gregorian calendar, both of which arrive shortly at Calendar. The chain then goes quickly through Time and Religion to Philosophy.

Other topics which link quickly to Philosophy are Mathematics (through quality, oddly), Religion and Sport (through Action).

Many countries, as well as place names, and Government, go to the word State, which after Social Contract goes straight to Philosophy

The most common method of getting to Philosophy is through a Latin definition. A lot of articles begin with an etymology, which has a link toLatin (or, on occasion, Greek, which ends up at Latin after going through Writing and Art). The topics of Science (which many topics, such as Astronomy, Politics and Linguistics go to), Sociology, Literature and Culture all have Latin as their first link. Articles such as Monarchy and Biology lead straight to Greek. The path from Latin to Philosophy is only 7 links long and goes from Language through Symbol.

Some connections are decidedly unusual. For example, engineering leads through Christianity and most TV shows will go through telecommunication and then mathematics.


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