Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Public vs. Private Universities for PhD and Job in Philosophy

A grad student asks Leiter a question:

"As a future professional philosopher, how big of a role, if any, should a school's affiliation with a state government play in one's decision to apply/accept a job and, to a lesser extent, a spot in a PhD program? " Full article

The basic question is whether going, either for phd or a job, to a public or private university will make a difference in ones career.

So far the answers have come in the following forms...

1. There will soon be little difference between the two.

2. For PhD public universities allow student unions so may be safer for grad school because one has more rights

3. Public funding for a PhD program may dry up in the coming years while private should be unaffected by legislation.

4. For a Job public universities will continue to fair worse than private with the exception of those public universities which adopt a private model such as Michigan.

5. With regards to getting a job, having done your PhD at a public or private university should not matter.


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