Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Statistics on Competition in Philosophy Graduate Applications

These numbers have some problems such as the small sample size, the fact that people who were not accepted most likely wouldn't post, and other obvious statistical random sampling problems. Over all it seems approximatively accurate. I suggest checking out the whole post and the rest of the blog too if your interested.

According to the (self-reported) information that philosophy applicants posted on a private forum on Live Journal, called philprospective , the competition is steep....
There were 47 applicants this year who shared profiles on philprospective. Profiles included GRE scores, GPAs, GPA within one’s major, graduate GPAs (if applicable), and schools that one was applying to. ....
 For those who said something like “average verbal score” I estimated based on national averages....

Average GRE verbal score: 673   

Average GRE quantitative score: 705

Average GRE writing score: 5.2

Average undergraduate GPA in philosophy classes: 3.84     

Average undergraduate GPA: 3.70         

Average graduate philosophy GPA: 3.94           

Average number of schools applied to: 13 (high: 23, low: 1, mode: 16)

Number of applicants with M.A.s: Roughly 36%

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