Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teaching Philosophy with Background Knowledge and Metacognition

I found this article very quite helpful and hope to add the information to my teaching arsenal.

Reading Philosophy with Background Knowledge and Metacognition

The majority of philosophy graduate students who end up gaining employment, are those who apply to teaching universities as well as research universities for a job. There are many more teaching universities than there are reseach universities. What this means is that if one does not want to face the beast that is unemployment, one should prepare for both. If you are attending NYU or Rutgers you many want to only want to focus on research universities, but for the rest of us it's important to keep our options open.  As mentioned in the post on Getting a Job in Philosophy, one should collect teaching evaluations  for later job applications/interviews/ letters etc.. in order to show that one is a good teacher.  If you decide to keep your professional options open, becoming a good teacher is really important, articles like this will help you teaching ability grow.

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