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PhilosoraptErs blog is my investigation into the professional aspects of academic philosophy, that is philosophy as a career as opposed to philosophy as a topic of study.

     While conducting research for graduate programs I realized I was doing several hours of research a day and just storing it for myself. This seemed a bit on the selfish side so I decided that I would publish my findings on this blog.

     The particular focus of PhilosoraptErs is the professional aspects of philosophy, such as how to create a good C/V, Publish papers, create a strong applications. It is also here to facilitate the understanding of topics such as hiring practices, and current issues for the profession. These posts are to help philosophers understand the baffling aspects of philosophy as a profession.

While many may be able to understand Heidegger, Wittgenstein, or Sellers, many a graduate student I have met do not know how to publish a paper or create a teaching portfolio. This blog is my research into how to survive as a career philosopher, and hopefully help others on their journey as well.

     This blog also covers a broad range of general news about philososophy as well is issues for the profession. This includes such things as: unique publishing oppertunities, call for papers, confrence opportunities, open access movements, philosophy in highschool, budget cuts, effectivness of track programs, departmental issues, the importance of philosophy in society, the future of the profession, and other news. While these type of posts are not ment to give you a specific step up on the competition, they keep you updated on the ebb and flow of philosophy as a profession

I will be posting my findings that I think could be beneficial to other undergrad, graduate students, post-docs, and professors.

Please feel free to follow it, comment, suggest research, or link to this blog.

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- PhilosoraptErs