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George Mason University Department of Philosophy 

"Here's a link to a blog that could be interesting for anyone who is on the Ph.D./teaching path. It's got info on programs, job prospects, test prep help, and life as a grad student in general, all from people willing to share their experiences." --- Michelle de Stefano

Keeping Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Doc Philosophy Students Prepared for the job market. 
A young man William Parkhurst created a blog with tips, tricks, and some good advice regarding graduate applications, publishing, and resources: such as The Splintered MindAsk PhilosophersPhilosophy, et. cetera, and Lleiter Reports. 
Still a new blog but has potential, I hope William continues adding some depth to a fine idea. "


A blog about Reasoning, Argumentation, and Informal Logic

"I found out about this infographic first via the Philosorapters blog, which gives advice on job hunting mostly but also occasionally on teaching philosophy"