Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Philosophy Tracks

Bio-Humanities - Medical school - Bio-humanities encompasses the philosophical study of the biological, cognitive, and medical sciences and their social and ethical dimensions. The program is designed primarily for Pre-Med students, but any student may pursue it.

Bio-Ethics The interdisciplinary minor in bioethics encompasses work in the fields of biology, natural science, philosophy, sociology and theology. It enables students to study topics in which the life sciences and ethics converge, such as: biological and chemical weapons, human stem cell research, global warming, human and animal experimentation, pollution, genetic screening and gene therapy, and human population growth.
The bioethics minor helps to prepare students for a range of future careers, or for advanced study in ministry, the health professions, the sciences, teaching, law, journalism, research, government or social work.

LAW and Ethics - Pre-Law - Law & Ethics encompasses the philosophical study of ethics, politics, the law, epistemology, and logic. The program is designed primarily for Pre-Law students, but any student may pursue it.

Law and Policy Track This track is especially recommended for students who intend to pursue a career in law or public policy.  The track involves taking certain specific courses for the major, and possibly a few extra courses, that will provide the student with additional preparation and a competitive edge when applying to law school, post-graduate programs in public policy, and related jobs. 

Philosophy of Science Track The Philosophy of Science track is available only as a second major in combination with work in one or more of the sciences. It is intended for those students with a scientific background who have an interest in pursuing philosophical issues relating to the natural and physical sciences.

Mind/Brain/Behavior - psych, neuroscience, bio,  - Knowledge about mind, brain, and behavior is expanding exponentially. Recent years have witnessed a growing excitement about the possibility that complex domains of mental function and behavior will soon be susceptible to scientific elucidation

The Religious Studies TrackIn addition to meeting the general education and distribution requirements for the B.A. Degree, this track requires a minimum of 39 credit hours in philosophy and religious studies and the courses taken must satisfy the following requirements.

Philosophy Research TrackThe Philosophy Research Track is especially recommended for students who plan to pursue graduate studies and an advanced degree in philosophy-a must for anyone interested in a career as a university or college philosophy teacher.  It will give the student a broad background in philosophy, which is a competitive advantage when applying to graduate programs in the field.

APPLIED PHILOSOPHY: SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY TRACK - designed for students interested in ethical, political, and other philosophical issues concerning society and social justice.

AA - Transfer Track/Philosophy - the purpose of this program is to prepare students for a career in philosophy as an instructor, writer, or director of a humanities program in a hospital, library or museum.