Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Philosophy and Public Policy: Making an Impact

There was a colloquium which sadly I found out about after the fact but here is a discription:

Philosophy and Public Policy: Making an Impact 
The seminar series is intended to promote and lead debate about the actual and potential impact of philosophy on public policy and practice
I think that having these sort of colloquiums plays a  very important  part for philosophy in general to keep itself healthy. I know I can get my head stuck in a pile of books for a couple of months just like an ostrich with it's head in the sand. I can only assume that this sort of behavior gets worse and worse as students progress in their education.  As ones research gets more and more specific, ones feeling of expertise gets more and more focused on exclusively acidemic endeavors which are hard to apply to public debates.
So philosophy becomes the closet discipline, sentenced to it's own obsessions which no one takes the time to care about.
It's very important to have a healthy dialogue with the public about politics, ethics, science and a plethora of other topics. If we think philosophy is so damn worthwhile, then we should share it with other people.

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