Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Advertising on PhilosoraptErs

PhilosoraptErs ( receives plenty of views a month to justify some advertising especially for only $5 a month and it is growing every day.
Buy 3 months at a time get a special rate of $10 for all three months!

Ad space is open to universities, departments, publishers, journals, authors trying to promote their work, conference coordinators, Calls for Papers,  Philosophical competitions and more.

Advertisements will be 170 Pixels wide by 315 long and will be located in the top left of the page. The ad will be seen within every page on the blog.

Here is one example of what your add may look like

Here are the statistics so far For PhilosoraptErs.

January  2011:  0 (blog started)
February 2011:  1725
March    2011:  2703
April       2011:  2863

The majority of my readers are located in the United States, then Canada and the United Kingdoms.

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