Sunday, May 22, 2011

Corporate Crises: A Philosophical Challenge

This was a somewhat interesting article, it started off interesting and then went in a direction I wasn't  really hoping for but it may be interesting to some. It does have some entertaining comments about a philosophy departments 'value'.

From Philosophy Now:
Alan Malachowski tries to unravel the philosophical mistakes which led to America’s recent boardroom catastrophes.

Picture a small, but successful, philosophy department in a relatively new, but nevertheless rather old-fashioned, university. The members of staff are conscientious and industrious. Their students are well taught, and by all accounts well satisfied with their various courses. The department therefore scores well in all external assessment exercises. Why is such a virtuous department especially vulnerable to commercial shenanigans? How is this ‘vulnerability’ connected to the recent revolution in corporate finance and the ongoing corporate crises? Alan Malachowski offers some provocative suggestions.
Full article HERE
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