Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deciding between Academic Job offers

This aticle from Inside Higher Ed discusses how to decide between two job offers if one is lucky enough to secure such a choice. The article asks you some very practical and important questions which you would do well to ask yourself if your put in this position. They also seem like good questions for any graduate student to ask themselves

 From Inside Higher Ed:

It's well known that academic job-seekers are operating in an incredibly competitive, limited market right now, so it’s no surprise that nearly all of our attention is focused on interviewing well and getting an offer. We’ve all got our eyes on the same prize, namely landing the best tenure-track job possible. And for most of us, the best tenure-track job is any tenure-track job.

Nonetheless, what if a first-time academic job-seeker, after many anxious months of interviewing, is faced with an embarrassment of riches? What if she or he has more than one tenure-track job offer or two visiting positions to choose between or the choice of a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship on the one hand and a teaching-intensive position at a less-desirable institution on the other? How to choose?


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