Sunday, March 13, 2011

Public Philosophy

This seems interesting, I have noticed that quite a few schools are doing something along these lines. It seems that this is a great way to give back to the community. It also forces our ivory tower to be able to relate to the "folk" which seems like a good thing.  Information on the public philosophy network in this post.

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"The Public Philosophy Network was launched in May 2010 as a result of deliberations at a one-day meeting on public philosophy held in conjunction with the Association of American Philosophers, Pacific Division meeting, and co-sponsored by the APA Committee on Public Philosophy and the George Mason University Center for Global Ethics."

Welcome to the Public Philosophy Network. While several features are open to the public, we invite you to join (it's free!) to take full advantage of the all of the network's content and features. For user guidelines, click here.
The purpose of the Public Philosophy Network (PPN) is to: 1) to create a democratized space where reflection on public philosophy could take place, that is, a space of mutual learning and support for publicly engaged philosophers and those who wish to do publically engaged work in the field; and 2) to support philosophers (and those in related fields) who do publically engaged work by providing them with the opportunity to cultivate networks of both mentors and peers engaged in work identifiable as "public philosophy."
The Network also invites philosophical discussion concerning the concept of public philosophy, the relationship between theory and practice, and related issues. Lastly, the PPN offers Network members discussion forums and other tools to provide practical assistance on how to develop and sustain work in public philosophy.

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