Monday, March 21, 2011

Peterson's Graduate Schools Search Engine

This is a good resource for studying which graduate schools are available. Particularly because you can narrow your search by location (state) and degree level (certificate, MA, Phd) in the advanced search mode.  You can also search multiple disciplines and sub-disciplines like bioethics. For someone who was in my position, being able to search for MA by state and PHD nationally would have been really useful.

It also has a search for Bio ethics, Classics, linguistics, religion, and theology.

It allows you to select multiple disciplines, which is a unique feature in an academic search engine as far as I have seen. Sadly multiple selection is inclusive and cannot be ordered as a hierarchy. So by selecting bioethics and philosophy, you get results for both bioethics and philosophy rather than degrees in bioethics which are associated with the philosophy department. A exclusive and secondary focus option will hopefully be made available in the future.

If so one could search for philosophy departments which focus on linguistics by state or linguistics departments which have a focus on the philosophy of linguistics.  For now you must do the sorting yourself.

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