Wednesday, March 9, 2011

APA members Vote: Change Date and Purpose of the APA?

Thats right OPEN that packet and share your views with the rest of us. The APA recently sent out a voting ballet to all its members. This vote takes up to APA issues which have been on the lips of many bloggers. After the blizzard this year (or was it last year?)  many people have been calling for a change. Secondly, a new technological revolution which has been slowly taking on force is skype job interviews. APA asks if job interviews should be a main function of the eastern APA.

3 thoughts

1.  Lets move it, early January sounds good. Let that Christmas hubbub slow down, and get back to work.
2. I think it just negligent of peoples time and money to force people travel all the way across the country to interview for jobs they most likely will not get.  I think skype offers a great alternative to the face to face for some people.
3. The Eastern APA is one of the few national gathering which I know of that many philosophers go to in order to network and talk to other philosophers. If the necessity for attending is hijacked by skype, does that mean that the "national" philosophical community will suffer damage to its continuity?

Any thoughts?

Here is the quote from APA:

The Eastern Division Executive Committee plans to conduct a survey on whether to change the dates of the meeting from the traditional December 27-30 slot. It is well known that there is widespread dissatisfaction with the traditional dates; less obvious is whether there are any other specific dates that would be widely favored, although this question has recently been discussed on several blogs. The survey will offer various possible alternative dates... The goal will therefore be to assess not only whether other specific dates are more popular than the traditional dates, but alsowhether the Eastern division meetings should continue to have in-person job interviews as one of their central functions.

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