Sunday, March 20, 2011

Badly Rejecting Applicants For Jobs

The following rejection letter for a job was found on I believe that this is a good example of the negligence which can be found in over-supplied markets.

So this is what a bad rejection letter looks like, I hope that other schools can show more respect:

From The philosophy smoker:

The Minimum Requirements
A pseudonymous Smoker writes in with the following story:

after having me out to an on-campus interview, the school then sent me a PFO from their HR department which reads:

"Dear Sir or Madam" (they couldn't even plug my name in there)
"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you for the position of Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Although your background and credentials are impressive, they do not meet the minimum requirements for the position."

The letter is signed by the "Business Coordinator" (so not even someone in the department).

What does that even mean? And out of all of the hundreds of applicants you had, you managed to select three to come out and interview for the position - and at least one of them didn't even "meet the minimum requirements for the position"??? Thanks for wasting my time? And for the super-personal post-on-campus-interview PFO?


Seriously, indeed.

--Mr. Zero

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