Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Teach Pre-College Philosophy (APA)

  • The APA gives some suggestions on how to teach philosophy to pre-college classroom. The "MAIN PAGE" is where the links came from



  1. This is definitely a subject deserving more attention. Only those with a degree (a Major, no less) in philosophy should teach philosophy.

  2. I agree with you Brian. With the large number of qualified (if not all together enthusiastic) applicants, it seems strange that this has not been taken up seriously as a way to hedge against unemployment. I recently read that the estimated ratio of PhD's on the market to available positions is 2:1. This statistic is distorted a bit by the fact that some people with a philosophy Phd are employed elsewhere and just apply hoping to get a research position. None the less I find this astounding.

    On a less professional level, it seems society could really benefit from many of the skills philosophy offers. A large majority do not go on to college and are not given an opportunity to be exposed to philosophy. Even offering a critical thinking class in high school would be monumental for the general public.

    Thanks for the comment Brian.