Sunday, March 6, 2011

Philosophy of Character Funding Announcement

Funding opportunity up to $100,000 a year for philosophy majors....

The Character Project at Wake Forest University is very excited to launch its funding competition entitled "New Frontiers in the Philosophy of Character." This $300,000 RFP is aimed at work in philosophy on the topic of character, and proposals can request between $40,000 and $100,000 for projects not to exceed one year in duration. We hope to make between 5-6 awards. A residential incentive of $6,000 for one semester or $12,000 for an academic year will be offered to philosophy RFP winners who are willing to move to Wake Forest University during the award period, and this stipend would not count as part of the research funding request. A willingness to move will not be taken into account when evaluating proposals.
Since work here will primarily be theoretical, the funding is aimed at semester or yearlong sabbatical research leave projects involving a book manuscript or series of substantive articles on character.
This competition is supported by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

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The past 30 years have seen a resurgence of interest in character, particularly in the areas of psychology, philosophy, and theology. This work has given rise to a number of challenging questions, such as:
  • (i) Do character traits such as honesty or compassion really exist?
  • (ii) If they do exist, how prevalent are they, and what is their underlying psychological nature?
  • (iii) Should character traits such as the virtues be the centerpiece of our best ethical theory?
  • (iv) How should we go about improving our characters and overcoming our character flaws?
  • (v) For those working in theology, should thinking about human and divine character be central to theological ethics?
The goal of the Character Project is to address these and a host of related questions, and thereby foster new advances in the study of character. We will carry out this goal with the following main grant activities:
  • (i) Three Funding Competitions, with preference for younger scholars working on the psychology, philosophy, and theology of character.
  • (ii) A three year Research Project at Wake Forest University on the philosophy and psychology of character which conducts original research on the structure, consistency, and influence of traits.
  • (iv) An innovative Summer Seminar for 15 pre-tenure faculty and graduate students.
  • (v) A Character Essay Prize competition to award 9 prizes for essays on character which are accessible to non-academic audiences.

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