Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PhD Ranking - The National Research Council

While I have not done enough research to suggest whether or not this is a worthwhile ranking system they suggest some of the same "top ranked" programs as Leiter and Academic Analytics. It seems to give a great measure of user control to the process which is a plus. One can select the qualities one wants (funding, size, placement record etc...) when searching for grad school rankings.

I am unsure about The National Research Council's methods but it seemed a worthwhile resource. Lieter has a critique in September 28, 2010 HERE.  Obviously he is a biased party, but some of his assessments seem worth consideration.  If your interested be sure to check out some of the links he puts on the page about evaluations.

You can limit your search by:

Programs are ranked braced on:

NRC Quality Measure
NRC survey-based quality score: The National Research Council's assessment of program quality is high. ?
Research Productivity
Research productivity: The program's research productivity is high. ?
Student Outcomes
Overall support and outcomes: The program supports a high fraction of students, students graduate quickly and get jobs, and the program tracks student placements. ?
Student Resources
Professional development: The program offers a wide range of professional-development opportunities and oversight mechanisms. ?
Diversity: The program's faculty and students are diverse. ?


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  2. You probably already know this, but Leiter's Philosophical Gourmet also ranks programs: