Saturday, February 26, 2011

European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) - Journal Rankings

This ranking system classifies journal's into either A, B or C quality journals. The following list is in alphabetic for use in finding journals of interest. Also Comments by Lieter, Thom Brooks ( Gualtiero Piccinini (

Link to PDF: HERE

Lieters comments on the rankings
 "The ratings strike me as fairly plausible, though there are some odd results. "

Philosopher Gualtiero Piccinini (Missouri/St. Louis) suggests:

I recently spoke with a member of the committee that ranked philosophy journals.  He explained the ESF criteria as follows:
Journals that "make the discipline" got an A.Journals with international audiences, authors, and editorial boards got a B.Other European journals got a C.
It appears that many European journals were considered of too marginal interest to be ranked at all.

Thom Brooks comments:
The list is much better than previous incarnations, including certain journals of reputation and high standing excluded before. However, there are a number of oddities that remain. 

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