Sunday, February 20, 2011

High School Philosophy: A response from Professor Mitch Green

Philosorapters posed a question to about Philosophy in high school here. This response came from Professor Mitch Green NEH/Horace Goldsmith Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Virginia. He is the Director of High-Phi Project, which supports philosophical inquiry in American high schools. 

For more information on Mitch Green see his home page here.
"I'd like to add that there is a small but growing movement in support of secondary-level philosophical education in the U.S. I myself have started the High-Phi Project ( and we work in conjunction with such organizations as PLATO (, and the Squire Family Foundation ( Many of us involved in these organizations share your view that secondary education in the U.S. would be enhanced with more philosophy. However, Professor Greenberg is right to point out that as of now, many schools lack an incentive to add this subject to their curricula because there is little incentive to do so. In addition, many teachers lack formal training in philosophy. We are also trying to rectify that with such things as an upcoming NEH-funded Summer Institute for high school teachers:
Mitch Green"

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