Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Information about Journals

    For more information on where to publish to get the best results see: Ranked Journals
      The following site gives information on philosophy journals listed alphabetically. The information is detailed but  short for easy reading.  

        Click read more for an example. PHILOSOPHY AND PHENOMENOLOGICAL RESEARCH Frequency: 4/year. Circulation: 1,800. Focus: General. Editorial address: Box 1947, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912. Send two copies along with a 250-word abstract and a self-addressed stamped envelope for manuscripts' return. Processing t ime: 6 weeks. Blind reviewing only if author specifically requests it. Referees' comments nearly always sent to contributors. Acceptance rate: 11%. Average wait till publication: one year. Accepted authors should wait: no. Special topic issues: none. No invited pieces. Book reviews: yes. Editorial statement: PPR publishes articles in a wide range of areas including philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and philosophical history of philosophy. No specific methodology or philosophical orientation is required i n submissions. Questionnaire summary: Official organ of the International Phenomenological Society. No replies to articles in other journals. Editors give priority to fields mentioned in editorial statement; other criteria include originality, lucidity, cogen cy, importance, topicality. Editors evaluate submissions and decide whether or not to send them on to a referee. Some manuscripts sent to two referees. Manuscripts often rejected for falling below competing submissions or accepted articles in the backl og. Major revisions requested occasionally. No unsolicited book reviews accepted; will not assign book reviews to volunteers. Almost no invited reviews rejected, very few sent back for revision. Reviewer's comments: Articles in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research are approximately 15 to 20 pages in length. The 1985 edition comprised 702 pages, in which were 36 articles, two discussions and 12 book reviews. There are occasion ally symposia on selected topics. The articles it publishes are highly technical and analytical rather than expository. They represent original work, although one finds here also many close analyses of the doctrines of classical philosophers that are re levant to contemporary issues. It publishes on a wide range of issues in the philosophy of mind, ethics, metaphysics and philosophical history of philosophy. Articles appear to be chosen on the basis of timeliness and merit rather than on adherence to a specific methodological approach. Despite the reference to phenomenology in the title, most of the 1985 articles exhibit a close familiarity with the vocabulary of, and representative figures in, contemporary Anglo-American philosophy. ( EK)Graduate Student Publishing

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