Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Open Access Epistemology Journal!

Thats right, an open access journal. "Logos and Episteme - a new, open-access epistemology journal "

From (Where I found this)

Some of you may already be aware of Logos and Episteme - a new, open-access epistemology journal 
I think this is exciting, and I really hope it sticks. So far things are looking great. They have an impressive advisory board including Ernest Sosa, Alvin Goldman, Susan Haack, Duncan Prichard, and Jonathan Kvanvig. You can check out their entire team in the sidebar of the current issue. 
They also have some pretty interesting looking articles in the second issue. Carl Ginet has a paper on self-evidence
There is also a paper called “Getting Gettier’d on Testimony” that looks interesting. Lauren J. Leydon-Hardy says she will show that we can cook up interesting Gettier cases when we think about ways in which there could have been differences in what our words mean. I’m guessing these cases will involve lucky to have justified true beliefs, because of some kind of luck involved in what our words semantically express. 
I urge epistemologists to help ensure that this thing thrives. Please, please, please consider submitting your next epistemology paper to this journal. 
I hereby swear that my next epistemology paper will be submitted to this journal.

From Logos & Episteme's website:
Aims & Scope
Logos & Episteme is a quarterly open-access international journal of epistemology that appears in printed and on-line version in March, June, September, and December. Its fundamental mission is to support and publish various current reflections and researches that aim at investigating, analyzing, interpreting or philosophically explaining the human knowledge in all its aspects, forms, types, dimensions or practices.
For this purpose, the journal will publish articles, reviews or discussion notes focused as well on problems concerning the general theory of knowledge, as on problems specific to the philosophy, methodology and ethics of science, philosophical logic, metaphilosophy, moral epistemology, epistemology of art, epistemology of religion, social or political epistemology, epistemology of communication. Studies in the history of science and of the philosophy of knowledge, or studies in the sociology of knowledge, cognitive psychology, and cognitive science are also welcome.
The journal intends to promote all methods, perspectives and traditions in the philosophical analysis of knowledge, from the normative to the naturalistic and experimental, and from the Anglo-American to the continental or Eastern.
The journal accepts for publication texts in English, French and German, which satisfy the norms of clarity and rigour in exposition and argumentation.

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