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List High School Philosophy Text Books

This is a good look at many philosophy text books published
for high school level students.

I am looking for a complete list of high school philosophy textbooks. The list should include title, author and publisher. Thanks. John

This was a surprisingly challenging question. Philosophy is not often taught in North American high schools, and there are many fewer textbooks for this educational level than for college-level courses. I have identified eight high school philosophy textbooks:

"Philosophy Made Simple" Richard H. Popkin and Avrum Stroll Doubleday, New York, 1993 
"Does the Center Hold?" Donald Palmer Mayfield Publishing Co., CA, 1996/2002 
"The Right Thing To Do" James Rachels McGraw-Hill, 1999/2003 
"Philosophy: The Big Questions" Frank Cunningham, Daniel Lalonde, David Neelin and Kenneth Peglar Canadian Scholars' Press 
"Philosophy 12: Questions and Theories" Laura Gini-Newman and Paul Paquette McGraw-Hill Ryerson 
"Philosophy in Action" Wayne Sproule Fitzhenry & Whiteside "Fundamentals of Philosophy" David Stewart, H. Gene Blocker Prentice Hall 
"The Philosopher's Way: Thinking Critically About Profound Ideas" John Chaffee Prentice Hall

My list was compiled from these sources:

"Philosophy at the High School Level In 1994 the OAC (Grade 13) Philosophy course was introduced to Ontario high schools, making Ontario the first and only (English-speaking) educational jurisdiction in North America to have philosophy as part of its official secondary school curriculum. Since then, interest in the course has grown rapidly. In 1998-99, for example, over 6000 secondary school students were enrolled in the course, in over 150 high schools across the province. In 1999, the Ontario Philosophy Teachers' Association was founded, an association that hosts annual conferences for high school philosophy teachers, and represents the interests of high school philosophy teachers at the local, provincial and national levels. In 2001-2002, with the introduction of the new secondary school curriculum in Ontario, two new philosophy courses were introduced to replace the OAC, one at the grade 12 level and one at the grade 11 level. Two new philosophy textbooks have accompanied the launch of the new courses: Philosophy: Questions and Theories (McGraw Hill Ryerson, 2002), for the grade 12 course, and Philosophy: The Big Questions (Canadian Scholars Press, 2003), for the grade 11 course." York University: Philosophy at the High School Level

"Three key texts, authored by high school teachers and university professors, are used in Ontario classrooms. Grade 11 Frank Cunningham, Daniel Lalonde, David Neelin and Kenneth Peglar, Philosophy: The Big Questions, ISBN 1-55130-230-6, Canadian Scholars? Press Grade 12 Laura Gini-Newman and Paul Paquette, Philosophy 12: Questions and Theories, ISBN 007-091386-2, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Wayne Sproule, Philosophy in Action, ISBN 1-55041-109-8, Fitzhenry & Whiteside" Ontario College of Teachers: Is philosophical inquiry really important?

"Texts: Philosophy Made Simple, R. Popkin and A. Stroll, Doubleday, New York, 1993. Does the Center Hold?, 2nd Ed./3rd Ed., D. Palmer, Mayfield Publishing Co., CA, 1996/2002. The Right Thing To Do, 2nd Ed./3rd Ed., J. Rachels, McGraw-Hill, 1999/2003. Prerequisites: None. Grades 11-12." Seoul Foreign School: Philosophy of Religion

Prentice Hall Online Catalog: Middle & High School Textbooks

My Google search strategy: Google Web Search: textbook philosophy "high school" :// I hope this is helpful. If anything is unclear or incomplete, or if a link doesn't work for you, please request clarification; I'll be glad to offer further assistance before you rate my answer. Best regards, pinkfreud


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