Sunday, June 5, 2011

Philosophy Teacher ASAP Preperation for Fall

A nice check list for teachers to mark off. These are all simple things, but if forgotten or left for the last minuet they could prove frustrating if not destructive to your fall class. 

  • Syllabus sent to department secretary for copying.
  • Parking sticker and campus ID obtained.
  • Checked with bookstore for an update on my order.
  • All necessary paperwork completed at HR.
  • My office is stocked with supplies.
  • All necessary keys are in my possession.
  • I have visited each of my classrooms and have tested the equipment in each.
  • Library specialist meetings scheduled.
  • Needed AV equipment has been reserved.
  • I have jumped through needed IT hoops.

If you are going to be teaching your first class this fall either as a graduate student or a professor I highly suggest reading  UTexas Resources for Teaching Your First Class. Also if your a graduate student I also recommend you read this All About Teaching Portfolios

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