Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"New Books in Philosophy" Podcast

Interviews with authors who recently published their books on/in philosophy. The website is HERE.  The first pod cast with Eric Schwitzgebel on his “Perplexities of Consciousness” (MIT Press, 2011) is HERE.  If this is interesting to you, check out Notre Dame's Philosophical Reviews, which supplies weekly emails of their reviews. 

Both of these are great ways to keep yourself up to date! I look forward to more from New Books in Philosophy Podcast.

New Books in Philosophy features peer-to-peer discussions with philosophers about their new ideas as expressed in their newly published books. The program is co-hosted by Carrie Figdor (University of Iowa) and Robert Talisse(Vanderbilt University). Between the two of us, we will be exploring new books in ethics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophy of language, and many other subfields. Our goal is to bridge the academic and public spheres without shortchanging the complexity of the ideas being discussed.

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