Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving away from Anonymous Review

Apparently American Economic Review has decided to stop doing anonymous reviews. I argue for the continuation of rigorous double blind process. Some nice arguments at Feminist philosohers
relaxing review standards is a very dangerous direction to go in especially for philosophy. Having a high quality journal process is extremely important for gauging professional development outside of your graduate program. After you have that freshly minted PhD, you will be judged for the rest of your career based on what kind of Pedigree that school has. 
The second criteria for judging job applicants is publications, particularly the high ranked journals. 

If we lose our rigorous double blind method of journal submissions, then we better come up with another way for philosophers to professionally progress. I don't want to dedicate my life in a profession that doesn't allow people grow and change after their dissertation.

I believe keeping rigorous double blind submissions is important, and should not be so easily discarded.

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