Monday, April 11, 2011

Professional Philosophy Abbreviations and Acronyms

The following is a list of Abbreviations and Acronyms used on this blog and in posts on philosophy elsewhere. I will be updating this list as I find/ remember other terms. Please feel free to suggest ones not mentioned.

APA - American Philosophical association
AOC - Area of Competence

AOS - Area of Specialization
CFP - Call for Papers

C/V - "curriculum vitae" essentially an academic resume
FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
FT - Full Time
GTA - Graduate Teaching Assistant - Teaching a class
JFP - Jobs for Philosophers
P4C - Philosophy for Children
PT - Part Time
Post Doc - Post Doctorate studies - continued education after PhD, usually includes a fellowship
TA - Teaching assistant, grading and sections
TT - Tenure Track Position
Eastern APA - Meeting in which Job interviews are conducted.
VAP - Visiting Assistant Professor

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