Friday, April 8, 2011

The International Association of Women Philosophers

Firstly I think it is a good thing that a society has been created to support women in philosophy. Several of my most appreciated authors are women, particularly Butler's work or the instability of categorization. There also is that deep hope in every male philosopher that someday when you say  "epistemology", "phenomenology", "Eudaimonia", or "analyticity" you will get something other than a confused stare from a pretty face. I admit that  was a little less than PC, but it just reflects my own belief that women could have a lot to contribute to philosophy. I believe that the system of academic philosophy has been run by men for so long that it has institutionalized its masculinity.  Perhaps this is being even more sexists but it seems that many of philosophy's core concepts (like aggressive argumentation and refutation) are less appealing perhaps to women. 

Any thoughts?

The International Association of Women Philosophers

Who are we?
The International Association of Women Philosophers is a professional association and network that provides a forum for discussion, interaction and cooperation among women engaged in teaching and research in all aspects of philosophy, with a particular emphasis on feminist philosophy. Founded in 1976 in Würzburg (Germany) as APh (Association of Women Philosophers) the IAPh has gradually grown into an international organisation with members all over the world. Currently the IAPh has 380 members from as many as 35 different countries, although most of our members are from continental Europe, Canada and the United States. 
What do we do?
Since the 1980s the IAPh has organized eleven biennial international Symposia attended by more than 200 philosophers. The panels and workshops at these symposia have been remarkably diverse within the prescribed conference themes, covering an impressive range of philosophical inquiry. 
In addition the IAPh collaborates with other (inter)national philosophical organizations and associations, such as the FISP (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Philosophiques / International Federation of Philosophical Societies) which organizes the biennial World Conference of Philosophy and the DGPhil (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie / German Society for Philosophy). We organize panels and workshops, and propose themes for sessions at conferences held by these organizations.   
What are our aims?
Given the astonishing and unacceptable under-representation of women in philosophy everywhere the need for a professional organization of women philosophers requires no explanation. The IAPh facilitates networking and collaboration for established and aspiring philosophers, in a stimulating atmosphere where participants present their research, with ample opportunity for discussion. In the future the IAPh intends to promote these aims further by expanding its collaboration with other philosophical organizations and by increasing its international membership.

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