Thursday, April 7, 2011

External Funding for Graduate Philosophy Students

Found on a great resources, includes links  for graduate student funding at It does not seem to keep updated, but still has some great resources.

Information on Ford Foundation Fellowships (for U.S. citizens or nationals) can be found here.

Information on the Javits fellowship (for U.S. citizens, nationals, or permanent residents) from the U.S. Department of Education can be found here.

Information on fellowships provided by the American Association of University Women (for U.S. citizens or permanent residents) can be found here.

Information on Fulbright Scholarships (for Americans wishing to study abroad or non-Americans wishing to study in the U.S.) can be found here.

If you graduated (or will graduate) from a liberal arts college, you might be eligible for a fellowship from the Council of Independent Colleges (depending on where you plan to study). For more information, see here

For students from outside the UK looking to study in the UK, information on the Chevening scholarship can be found here.

 Students from the UK might want to check this out, here.

And the following are for Canadian Students:SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council; MA & PhD)Ontario Graduate Scholarship (Ontario-only) 
FQRSC (Fonds Québecois de recherche sur la société et la culture; Québec-only)Trudeau Foundation Scholarships (For Canadian students, or students of Canadian universities.)Canada Graduate Scholarships (for study abroad, via SSHRC)Fulbright – CanadaCanadian Centennial Scholarship Fund (CCSF)

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