Friday, April 8, 2011

Just for Fun: Caricature Contest

    Jan 2011 Caricature Quote Contest - 1985 - 
    Apologies for the break since the last competition. This time it's a sort of political/historical theme.  For extra marks, identify and explain the individuals caricatured. The choice of quote should relate to the theme of the picture, but needn't be from one of the persons depicted. I hope this isn't too complicated - let me know if you're unsure. As usual, the winner can choose t-shirt/mug/print/postcards as a prize. To enter, simply pick the quote you think best sums up the message of the picture, identify the people concerned, and contact me - either through DeviantArt, thecontact form on this website, or Twitter.
    This time, there are 4 rules of entry: 1. The quote must be relevant. 2. You can only enter once, it is one quote per person, and the first to suggest a quote will claim it (I'll post claimed quotes on my DeviantArt page, so check there before suggesting one). 3. The quote mustn't be too long - though there will be more room in this case than usual. 4. The quote must not have already been submitted by someone else (check back to this journal for updates). Since the last competition has stalled somewhat, there is no previous winner to judge these entries. Therefore, I'll judge them myself. However, the winner of THIS competition will, as usual, be entitled to choose the subject of the next competition (in agreement with me, of course) and adjudicate it. (However, I'll keep the Dante competition running, and you are still welcome to enter that - see here. I'll be reworking that drawing some more, so don't worry if it looks a bit rough at the moment.) The closing date will be the end of 31st January 2011, or - to ensure a good crop to choose from - when we reach ten entries (whichever comes later). As usual, the winner will be announced here and on Twitter. Finally, these and other originals are available through Etsy

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