Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA & PIPA: Bye Bye Free Internet

In simplistic form, corporations are yet again trying to censored the internet under the guise of anti-piracy... any company site that links to pirated material could face criminal charges. Thus wikipedia, google, youtube, flickr, amazon and all those other useful sites that take you to other sites would be gone. I think that piracy is a problem but this is not how to solve it... 

I might be wrong about this last point but in connection with the Patriot Act, if you mention anything that may be a "national threat" such as talking about Marxism, or any critique of government, then your site could be shut down. That is not the free speech I want.

I encourage people to write their government officials through the link below and express how they feel about this. (I'm obviously biased so i encourage you to find your own information if you like)

SOPA (stop online piracy act)

PIPA (Protect intellectual property act)

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