Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Criticism of the Method of Scholarly Publication

I ran across this thanks to Leiter. Its an interesting article on how academic publishing is really taking advantage of academics. It seems like Open Journals could be one solution. 

"[in] an article by George Monbiot on the economics of academic publishing, regarding journals in particular, with the suggestive (but spot-on) title of 'Academic publishers make Murdoch look like a socialist'. As well said by another tweep, the article "will shock everyone except academics". Indeed, none of it is news to us, and the bottom-line is pretty simple: academic publishers get everybody to work for them for free (authors, peer-reviewers, most of the editing work), and then go on to charge ridiculous amounts of money for journal subscriptions. And yet, we are stuck with them, because the discipline depends crucially on journal publishing."

Full article HERE
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