Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Philosophers' Carnival" Hosted on PhilosoraptErs

The Philosophers' Carnival Will be hosted here on August 29th. I encourage anyone interested to submit their work! 
Philosophers' Carnival project, which aims to showcase the best philosophical posts from a wide range of weblogs. We invite submissions from bloggers and readers, and collate the submitted posts into one big round-up (or "carnival") every three weeks, offering a brief summary of each entry, and a link to the complete post.

 I was hoping the carnival I host could center around issues in professional philosophy such as pre-college philosophy, racism/sexism in philosophy, the adjunct plight, pedigree vs. publishing, effectiveness of track programs, how to build a better job/phd ratio and other issues like these. For some information on these issues click HERE. While these submission will be preferred, feel free to submit on other topics as well. 

Submissions Wanted:
We need submissions for posts to include in the carnival. Do you have a philosophy blog? If so, simply choose a favourite from among your recent posts, and use the BlogCarnival submissions form to submit the link.

For more information visit philosophers' carnival
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