Sunday, April 22, 2012

Too Much to Read

This is a plague of current philosophy, particularly anything relating to the philosophy of science (i.e. philosophy of mind). In order to have a understanding of mind one really must have 3 PhDs (neuroscience, psychology, philosophy). Even if one is studying only a small area in continental philosophy the reading is still over capacity, just to get a grounding in Nietzsche's own work requires several reading of at least 17 books of his, in addition there were at least 9 books published on Nietzsche last year, not to mention the hundreds of articles each year that come out which use and abuse Nietzsche. If being up to date on one Philosopher is so hard, how can one possibly study a "field" of research which includes many people?Join me on Twitter or Facebook for updates. Please email suggestions, links and questions to

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