Friday, July 15, 2011

Interviews with Successful Non-Academic Philosophers

Jeff Dean, Ph.D.  Executive Editor, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing

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What are the top 3 things to avoid when selling oneself to hiring managers who are not philosophers?

  • Don't talk about your research or philosophical interests (or, if invited to do so, keep it very brief and general). Don't present yourself (or think of yourself) as being smarter than others who may be up for the job or already doing it; you may or may not be more intellectual, but this will often have no bearing on how well you can do what's required of you.
  •  Finally, if you have the chance to converse with those you may be working with, or are answering questions about your communication abilities and tendencies, learn to modulate argumentative behavior that might be seen to be combative or disruptive. This does not mean always going with the flow. On the contrary, well reasoned, articulate alternatives can get very good play, but they have to be presented in the right way, which usually means as constructive additions to the discussion at hand, with the 'team' in mind (when relevant), and not as dismissive of other's ideas.
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